Since 1921

Firma Stroop

The story of the famous bakery begins in 1921 on an iconic corner on the Muntplein where Firma Stroop opened its doors for the first time. The sweet smell of stroopwafels tumbled out, wafting down the streets, beckoning all in. Our stroopwafels became prominent and people lined up around the block for our delicious cookie. Nowadays, our products find their way around the world. Our neighborhood bakery found its way into new neighborhoods near and far, spreading the good memories of Amsterdam around the globe. And while we have grown, a few things will always remain: open early and close late, create with love and make it magical. 

Menu Firma Stroop

We are widely known for our freshly prepared stroopwafels. Have them with or without one of our delicious toppings. For many years we have been baking the stroopwafel according to a traditional, authentic recipe and we delight hundreds of customers every day with a fresh cookie. We offer a selection of pre-packaged products too, that you can easily take with you or give as a gift.

Visit our authentic bakery

When you enter our bakery at Kalverstraat 236, you immediately smell, feel and simply know it: this is a bakery with a huge heart for baking. We welcome you with open arms every day from 8 am to 10 pm.