Since 1921

Familybusiness with baking traditions

Our bakery has existed for four generations and is a real ‘family business’. We are proud of our baking traditions and continue to work hard to make the best products for our customers. Every day, our bakers work with lots of love and passion to bake delicious sourdough bread, fresh croissants and sweet stroopwafels. We only use local ingredients to guarantee the highest quality. 

Visit our bakery and have a taste of what love for the profession does with our products!

Always fresh!

Everything we bake is daily fresh. And that you can taste! We only use fair ingredients, preferably as local as possible. For example, we bake with flour from customer input, we add spices from customer input and we get up before dawn to be able to deliver our fresh products to you.

We also offer pre-packaged products. You can easily take them with you and they are ideal to give as a gift!

Located in a unique building

You won't easily forget a visit to our bakery. It's a true experience. We are located in a unique building on the corner of the Kalverstraat. That's where our bakers like to roll up their sleeves and dive into the dough.


We hope to welcome you soon in our bakery!