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The best waffles in the world 

Waffles are a popular pastry that is eaten in many different countries around the world. There are many different types of waffles, but the most famous are the Belgian waffle, the American waffle, the Liège waffle, and the Stroopwafel. Which one of them is considered the best? (Spoiler alert: the Stroopwafel is of course the best waffle out there).

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Unveiling the Dutch Stroopwafel: A Delightful Treat

The stroopwafel, a beloved Dutch pastry, has won the hearts of people worldwide with its irresistible combination of sweetness and chewiness. In this blog, we explore the history, craftsmanship, and sheer deliciousness of this iconic Dutch delight as it is the heart and soul of our Bakery, the oldest bakery in Amsterdam.

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Make authentic Stroopwafels at home

Stroopwafels are known worldwide as a delicious treat from Amsterdam. Although there are many variations of stroopwafels available nowadays, the authentic recipe from our bakery, the oldest bakery in Amsterdam since 1898, is definitely worth trying. We have adapted this recipe to be easily made at home!

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